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Yesterday, cancer care was about technology. Tomorrow, it will be about staying connected—
to your practice, to your patients,
to the world.

As we move forward together, our goal is to help you efficiently deliver the best possible cancer care: connected care. We are committed to comprehensive care that reaches across disciplines, care that keeps patients at the center. We design technologies that help you manage your practice and treat your patients efficiently, and we create knowledge systems that help you connect with other clinicians as you work together to improve outcomes.

The future will be connected. We plan to be there,
connected with you.

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At booth 942, you will discover how our solutions connect to all the tools you need to give your patients the highest level of care:

Monaco 5

Information-guided cancer care™

Learn how clinical and
business intelligence will
transform cancer care

Versa HD

Versa HD™

The convergence of conventional radiotherapy with advanced stereotactic precision

Gamma Knife

Leksell Gamma Knife®

The next-generation of
stereotactic radiosurgery


Esteya® Electronic Brachytherapy

A new approach for treating
skin cancer