MOSAIQ® Oncology Analytics

Clinical, operational & financial performance management for cancer centers.

The pressure is on. You need to treat more patients and control costs - at the same time you improve the quality of care. How will you do it?

The right decision-support system can make all the difference. MOSAIQ Oncology Analytics aggregates your cancer center data to bring valuable clinical, operational, and financial insights to the surface. Elekta’s cloud-based solution integrates with multiple data sources in your network, so you can measure, manage, and improve quality and performance.

With MOSAIQ Oncology Analytics, you can mine your data to find new value in your existing assets:

  • Identify areas for cost reduction.
  • Eliminate inefficiencies, at the same time you identify potential quality improvements.
  • Manage and measure resource utilization.
  • Monitor care patterns and operational trends across your network.

Information-guided care starts with quality data. With MOSAIQ Oncology Analytics, you can dig deep into your data, visualize what you find, and use your new insights to make confident, evidence-based decisions for your oncology practice.

Oncology centers are alive with data. Watch how MOSAIQ Oncology Analytics help you harness this data.

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